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Most Colorful Fall Drives in Colorado

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Colorado Fall Leaves


     Year-round, unlike any other state, Colorado’s enchanting landscape continues to charm us throughout all four seasons. Although the looming initial snowfall is always noteworthy, it is important not to neglect the fall season and give it the attention it so deserves. In the fall months, practically right before your eyes, you can see rich emerald leaves evolve into vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. Beginning in mid-September, fall’s influence caresses the higher altitudes and by late October eventually meanders down to the lower altitudes. Colorado, luckily, has many accessible spots where you can experience the breathtaking view of seas of gold and orange that adorn the region. Whether you are seeking to alleviate your Sunday blues or snap some pictures to brag to your out-of-state friends, these ten are the most colorful fall drives in Colorado you don’t want to miss out on.

    These ten drives cover areas all around Colorado but the two closest drives to access from the Denver area are the Peak to Peak Scenic Byway drive and the Trail Ridge Road drive. The Peak to Peak Scenic byway begins in Boulder Colorado which is only 35 minutes from Denver. Although the byway is short of 60 miles in length, it travels past many scenic points such as the Rocky Mountain National Park, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area, and the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests. This drive offers a taste of crisp mountain air while simultaneously embodying the Continental Divide’s unmatched beauty. Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved road in North America with above eight miles above 11,000 feet altitude. A little bit under an hour and a half away from Denver, Trail Ridge Road begins in Estes Park and winds western to Grand Lake. To easily enjoy photograph-worthy views in Colorado, all you need is a full gas tank and a solid playlist to accompany you on your ride to truly feel like you are living in a postcard… because you are!

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