Liberty Home Loans Helps Homeless Vets Keep Warm


Liberty Home Loans provides 188 “Woobie” blankets and ponchos to veterans, and other people in need, via the Woobie Project.


Mic De Min, Managing Member of Liberty Home Loans, along with Michael Williams, of M. C. Williams & Co. Investments, LLC recently helped provide warmth and protection to homeless veterans and people in need through the Woobie Project. They raised $6,400 and were able to purchase 188 “Woobie” blankets and ponchos, which will be delivered to Samaritan House in Denver in December.

Originating from the Vietnam era, a “Woobie” is a lightweight, easily packed, and field expedient blanket that can be used in many different environments and applications. It can be used as a blanket, pillow, shelter, hammock, jacket liner, seat cushion, mattress, and something soft to hold onto when you’re down and out. It is remarkably resilient to extreme heat and cold, dries quickly when wet, weighs next to nothing, and can be compressed into a tiny size.

In addition to blankets, they gave people in need a rain poncho and liner modeled from the military’s design, which has been used by countless men and women in the armed forces. Furthermore, Williams donated $5,000 in matching funds to ensure as much support as possible was provided.

“Michael and I use a combination poncho-liner, aka ‘Woobie,’ and full-body poncho when we hike,” said De Min. “They have kept us warm and sheltered many times when we did not have enough gear for the day’s adventure. The combination is quite warm and packs very small, and we believe it could be useful to others. Blankets and ponchos are ideal for late winter, as well as the spring which can bring cold nights and rainy weather.”

De Min and Williams teamed up with Samaritan House in Denver, a homeless shelter that provides warm beds and hot meals all year long, and St. Joseph Catholic Parish in Golden, CO, to provide the blankets and ponchos to those in need. They will be given to veterans and people in need at multiple locations during the week of December 11th.

“This is planned as an annual event. Next year, we plan on teaming with Rotary of Golden to help fundraise and grow the project,” concluded De Min, a member of Rotary Club of Golden.

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About Woobies
The poncho liner has been a staple of deployed life since it was first introduced in Vietnam, but the origin of the “Woobie” is shrouded in mystery. To read more about the history and versatility of the “Woobie”, see,
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Woobie Project with Mic De Min of Liberty Home Loans - Providing warmth and comfort to homeless veterans and those in need in Colorado


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